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Use Staff Training to Boost Your Online Reputation

Too often, the heavy burden of assuring great customer service lies solely on the shoulders of the business or practice owner, and it stays there. Your staff sometimes doesn’t feel the urgency you do to provide consistently excellent customer service. It can be easy for staff members to feel like each day is simply a repeat of the day before. One day blurs into the next and, eventually, the quality of each customer’s experience starts to decline. It’s like the story about boiling a frog: When the temperature changes so gradually, the frog doesn’t notice until it’s too late. Over time, it becomes too easy for staff to treat any client, customer, or patient as “just another interruption,” and not as an individual who thought long and hard before putting their trust and money in your hands.Then this becomes a vicious cycle, hit-or-miss customer service becomes the new norm. If you plan on staying in business for long, it’s crucial not to fall into it.According to the US News & World Report, 68% of customers who stop doing business with a company do so because of poor or indifferent customer service. Another 14% leave because a complaint was poorly resolved.Think about this for a moment: If a customer leaves you, chances are higher than 80% that it’s because a member of your staff wasn’t offering the best customer service possible. It’s not because of price. It’s not because a competitor offers higher quality services or products. Almost always, someone on your staff dropped the ball when it came to treating an individual like a valued client.And when that happens, customers are more likely to tell others about their negative experience, both online and off. Just a few online negative reviews from dissatisfied customers, and the vicious cycle...

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